Americopa Mantle is a community of musicians based in Arizona which has come together to build and support local music.
This compilation is the first volume of our effort to represent to the world what we already know... blooms in the desert.


Featured Bands:

Before Braille

The Ruby Lee

The Go Reflex

Black Feet

Awake & Alert

Rajiv Patel

Sweet Bleeders

Not Quite Bernadette

Wonderful Wednesday


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Here's what is being said about this CD:

"Americopa Mantle, a community of Arizona musicians, presents its first music compilation in an effort to build support for the local music scene. Judging by the material on this disc, the release should go a long way toward building that support. Before Braille check in with two hard pop tunes, "The Case Is Out" and "Cause For Alarm", that display the bands patented hooks, vocal harmonies and sonically innovative guitar work. The Ruby Lee's two songs are awash in gorgeous psychedelia; Awake & Alert's heavy, melodic "Wool and Water" provides a showcase for the powerful vocals of singer Maya Peart and The Go Reflex steals the show with the stunning "Rincon Life", a slice of piano and vocal harmony-layered pure pop beauty in the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" mold. This disc is vibrant proof that these Arizona bands know how to craft near-perfect pop. B+"

- by Chris Hansen Orf, Get Out